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PostSubject: ANNOUNCEMENT   Sat Dec 23, 2006 6:09 pm

Dear Members,

This Gallery section created is only for Members. Here you can view you favourite actors, actress, movies stills and also u can get nature & important places pictures.

Only an Admin & Moderator has the permission to post the pictures in the appropriate sections. This restricted permission is to control the flood / over glamour / porn pictures.

Upload Pictures : If members are interested to share any pictures, upload your pictures through servimg (which is in the top right corner of the message box) / other uploading sites and post the direct link. Admin / Moderator will merge or copy & paste that pic in to appropriate section, after the verfication.

Avatar : If members need any specific avatar / fav persons pics, you can request here. we moderate / resize the pic in to correct size which is suitable to the forum. Otherwise, members can choose the own pic.



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