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PostSubject: UPLOAD PICTURES   Sat Dec 23, 2006 8:31 pm

Dear Members,

There is a restriction to upload the photos in the GALLERY SECTION because, of some annoyance / porn photos. If, you wish to upload any photo in the appropriate section like as your favourite actors / actress / nature then you can upload the picture while using servimg and post the link to here... we can merge / copy paste that picture.



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PostSubject: Re: UPLOAD PICTURES   Sat Dec 23, 2006 11:11 pm

1. First, be sure to upload your images. Adult / Porn pictures strictly prohibited.

2. Don't post more than 3 images link in a single post. At the same time, don't post single image link in a single post. If the images are in same category (like trisha / asin / nature)

3. Don't post all the different category images in a single post. If you are uploading a particular actress picture, first post those actress uploaded image link then post other actress / actors / other images. Because, it will ease us to merge your post with an appropriate thread.

Process to upload pictures:

Click SERVIMG icon in the top right corner, (first you have create an account in servimg, use the same password using in the forum to create an account in SERVIMG)

Then upload your image, browse the icon and choose the picture from your system and then click "host it"

The website provide links, you choose "BB CODE Thumb Nail:" link. Copy & paste the link here in to this thread.

If you create SERVIMG upload link and use to upload all the pictures through SERVIMG, it will maintain an account which is used to save all your uploaded image.


you can use other IMAGE UPLOAD LINK like as

Upload your image and choose the "Thumbnail for forums (1)" link, copy & paste it here.
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